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Garden Therapy

Each month, the committee plans and provides activities for the residents of St. Andrews Retirement Village--Gregory Wing and Safe Havens--in Boothbay Harbor. The activities may include flower arranging, planting outdoor vertical gardens, painting, creating ways to feed the birds, and/or a craft which may be related to a holiday in the month.

Prior to Christmas holidays, club members prepare Christmas tray favors for our area Meals on Wheels customers.

April.2024     APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS.   The residents started with a poster with the words " April, bring, and May" traced in different colors.  Using double sided tape, each added the showers in a variety of blue ribbons and yarn, then the flowers at the bottom.   The third activity was to color in the words April and May with markers, colored pencils or crayons.
The posters were hung in their rooms, in the dining room, or along the halls.   What a cheerful addition to an early April SNOW shower in Maine.


March. 2024   In March, the theme was St. Patrick’s Day.  Lots of shades of green, different sizes of shamrocks, ribbons to celebrate the day. Another fun activity was to count holiday items on an activity sheet. 


February. 2024    The residents of the Gregory Wing  celebrated Valentine's Day with decorating  hearts to be hung in their rooms or in the dining room.

January. 2024    Garden Therapy is back and having fun !!  We missed November due to a covid outbreak and December is covered by singing groups and others sponsoring parties.


Peanut butter rice cake bird feeders involve spreading lots of peanut butter then dipping the cake in bird seed.  After many were made, 2 volunteers took them out to the trees and hung them near the windows for the residents to enjoy watching birds and squirrels having a feast.

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

August. 2023 Filling baskets for Fall with creative hands 

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg

July. 2023 Decorating Summer Sun Hats


June. 2023 Planting the Gregory Wing Window Boxes

The day was a bit cool and rainy so the residents stayed in to plant the flowers in the window boxes.  6 of the boxes were planted with impatiens and are located at the front door.  The other 9 boxes were planted with a variety of flowering plants producing a myriad of color to decorate the patio outside the dining room windows.

Window box #1 Jun 2023 MG_3041.jpeg
Window box #3 June 2023 IMG_3043.jpeg

May. 2023 Birds, Colorful Birds…

The residents of the Gregory Wing at St. Andrews Village had a fun time creating very colorful birds to fly in the dining room, sit in a flower pot or in their rooms.  Paper plates, tissue paper pieces, feathers, big eyes and glue sticks worked together to create all the different looks.  Shelly Maher found the idea on the internet and came up with the way for all to participate in the activity. 

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