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July 13, 2022   Art and Whimsy in the Garden  Lisa Colburn

October 12, 2022   Winter Sowing: Mini-greenhouses for winter seed germination   Deanna Clarkson

March 8, 2023   Veggies to Table   Erica Berman...see presentation details and notes 

December, 2023 Field Trip to Victoria Mansion, Portland, Maine   

April 12, 2023   Conley's Introductory Presentation

May 10, 2023  Getting to Know Our Club
  Jane Lunt shared about our scholarship program.
                        Melissa Thornton introduced the new and improved website.

May 21, 2023 The First Member Garden Visit: Cocktails in the Greenhouse at Melissa Thornton's
June 14, 2023 Annual Meeting at the Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club Presenter: Martha Blakeslee on 'Flower Arranging at the White House'

July 12, 2023 Summer Inspiration Flower design Workshop-Members make arrangements from their own and Club flower materials

August 9, 2023 Stan Wakefield: Birds in the Garden

September 12, 2023 Veggies to Table FIELD TRIP

September 13, 2023  Barter's Island Bees

October 11, 2023 CMBG Speaker, Irene Barber

November 8, 2023 Soup Pot Luck and wreath decorating

December, 2023 Holiday Festival--no BRGC Club meeting

List of Past Presentations
Press images below to read more about the presentation


Our BRGC September program by Donna & Denny Denniston, from Barter’s Island Bees, provided our club members with the wonderful opportunity to learn about their beekeeping, the bees making of honey and for us to sample and buy a variety of products made from their honey.  For more information visit their website at



Stan Wakefield has been an enthusiastic birder and gardener for the past 25 years and has tried to combine his interest in both by planting trees,

shrubs, and perennials to attract and benefit wildlife. He lives in East Boothbay and is known to get long-winded when talking about birds.

A Short list of Native Plants to Attract Birds and Pollinators

Goldfinger shrubby cinquefoil/Potentilla fruiticosa
New England aster/Symphotricum
Baby Joe Pye weed/Eutrochium dubium
Autumn gold sunflower/Helianthus salicifolius
Ruby Spice summer sweet/Clethra alnifolia
Spicebush/Lindera benzoin
Bush honeysuckle/Diervilla rivularis & lonicera
Flowers & Berries
Little goblin red winterberry/Ilex verticillata
Jim Dandy (male) & Wildfire (female) winterberry/Ilex verticillata
Blue prince (m) & princess (f) holly/Ilex meserveae (now self-pollinating version available)
Bunchberry/Cornus canadensis
Massachusetts bearberry/Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Tall shrubs
Black/red chokeberry/Aronia melanocarpia & arbutifolia
Serviceberry/Amelanchier canadensis Vine
Coral honeysuckle/Lonicera sempervirens

Martha Blakeslee presents at the BRGC Annual Meeting 6.14.23
Barbara Murphy presents 'Go Native for Pollinators' at Valentine Farm 6.13.23
Melissa Thornton, WebMaster,
presents her new BRGC website  5.10.23
Erica Berman presents 
Veggies to Table 3.8.23
Courtney Stover presents Conley's Introduction 4.12.23
Deanne Clarkson presents
Winter Sowing 10.12.22
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