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For those of you who are trying wintersowing this winter, or are thinking about it for next winter, attached is a picture of my first seedlings this year, annual Clarkia elegans, which germinated around the 15th. Even though they are an annual, they are always my first to germinate. I also have several poppy varieties germinating as well as a Dianthus.  These seedlings will stay safe even if the weather drops below freezing.  They will NOT be happy if the weather drops into the low teens, but we are past that part of winter.  From now until temperatures warm they will put their energy into developing strong roots with very slow top growth, which will significantly improve their survivability when later planted in the ground at a few inches high.  And best of all, I do not have to worry about damping off or a big set up in the house!  Nature is taking care of everything.


It is very exciting and amazing to watch every year!


Deanna Clarkson

Winter Sowing
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