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Civic Development

The Civic Development Committee creates and maintains the following public gardens in our

1. Boothbay Memorial Park which includes Armillary and Butterfly Gardens

2. Blue Star Memorial

3. Gazebo on the Common

4. Civil War Monument.
We maintain these gardens throughout the spring, summer and fall. Four weeding teams are formed each year and meet the first Monday of the month at 9:00am at the Armillary Garden. All members are encouraged to participate, one day per month, on one of the four weeding teams and enjoy our gardens.

In addition, in the spring, we plant annuals in window boxes and distribute them to public
buildings in the Boothbay Region.

In November, Christmas wreaths are decorated by our members at a workshop close to Thanksgiving and placed on forty town monuments and public buildings.

The latest Civic Development events

Planting Window Boxes for Town Buildings


Planting Mr and Mrs Poppins Winterberry Bushes

and other plants


Spring Cleanup of the Armillary and Town Center Gardens  4.26.24


Autumn Cleanup of the Armillary and Town Center Gardens 10.21.23
(press photo; then cursor left and right to see slideshow)

Members of the Boothbay Region Garden Club gather for clean up and winter prep at the
Boothbay Memorial Garden. From left to right: Sue Hochstein, Kevin Bowler, Linda Redman,
Karen Iliades, Melissa Thornton, Jo Moser, Brigitte Smith and Jan Bruehl. Bruce Bowler supported the whole group with trucking to the dump. 

Orchard Planting at Edgecomb Eddy School 9.22.23

Civic Development

handing out gloves to the kids.JPG

Mrs. Currier and the ReTreeUS staff met prior to the students coming out to plant the Peach,
Pear, and Apple Trees. Mrs. Currier’s 4th grade class came out first to start the new orchard.
Kevin Bowler was in attendance and helped the students with their gloves and equipment. Then the remaining classes came out and finished planting the orchard.

Summer Cleanup at the Memorial Garden 7.13.23
summer cleanup karen and i.jpg

Karen and I trimmed the boxwoods and weigelas at the Armillary Garden and did some extra weeding. We had a great time, and we'll look forward to others joining the fun next time.

If anyone would like to join the Civic Development committee, let us know. Many fun times and decisions will be made for the upcoming year...Christmas wreaths, garden flowers and garden design with changes coming to the Memorial Garden. It's time to put more of our ideas to work for the Boothbay Region.

Flower Boxes for town buildings, planting at the Armillary Garden and the decorated Blue Star Memorial 5.24.23

Spring Armillary Cleanup 4.15.23

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